Two Parts to a Whole #5: The Crow Tree part 2*

Ink on paper

*This piece belongs with day 202.

Each of the six pieces in the “Two Parts to a Whole” series is comprised of two different eyes. “Two Parts to a Whole” is inspired by how left and right eyes see the world from slightly different perspectives. As a child, I remember staring at my hand while opening one eye and closing a another, marveling at how, when both eyes were open, I could see two perspectives at once. Each part in this series is inspired by the world in which I grew up and the world in which I exist now, a past and present coming together to create my life; two eyes coming together to create my sight.

Part One: In the Treetops 
Part Two: Stay Inside 

Part Three: Great Grandpa’s Coat
Part Four: Internal Landscaping 
Part Five: The Crow Tree

Part Six: The Last Equinox for Now

355 days done, 10 days to go.