To all the lovely, loyal, and supportive followers:

Big News!

Over the summer, after “CognEYEzant: 365” finished, I decided the next step had to be another challenge, an art show. And after a lot of research and asking—and hoping…I am so excited to announce that CognEYEzant has a week long exhibit at the Crooked Tree Arts Center—Traverse City this Autumn!

CognEYEzant: 365 Days of Eyes will be on exhibit from October 16—26, 2019.

I would like to invite all of you to the opening, details to follow.

See you at the exhibit.

Additionally, my non-profit Look Wonder Discover’s (LWD) 2019 Three Part Community Art Project will end at the CTAC exhibit. My sister Sonja and I began LWD earlier this year and this August we launched the Community Art Project and nearly 350 people have participated so far.

I would love for you to participate, learn more by taking a second to explore LWD and the Community Art Project.

In the meantime…

Come and see me and my work:

“CognEYEzant Day 74” is in the Oliver Art Center’s 2019 Juried Exhibition from September 6—October 4, Frankfort Michigan.

LWD’s 2019 Three-Part Community Art Project: Part Two: September 20-22, 2019: Earthwork Harvest Gathering, Lake City, Michigan.

My Autumn classes still have room for you:

“Crafting a Creative Practice” at Crooked Tree Arts Center—Traverse City. October 10th-24th, Thursdays 6:30—8:30pm. (The final class will be during the CognEYEzant exhibit!)

“Drawing Workshop” at Crooked Tree Arts Center—Traverse City. Friday, October 18th, 6:00—8:30pm.

(Students 17 and under can apply for financial aid from CTAC for classes and workshops.)

Stay in touch:

If you aren’t already, follow this website by email and/or follow Look Wonder Discover on social media @lookwonderdiscover and/or me on Instagram @cogneyezant. I can’t wait to hear from you!