Uses for Idealism: A Finished Piece

Gouache and ink on paper

Day 285 and day 141 together

The dictionary describes idealism, philosophically*, as, “any of various systems of thought in which the objects of knowledge are held to be in some way dependent on the activity of mind.”

Growing up, an ideal life unfolded within my imagination, a life I watched from the outside inside. The never quite achievable space tantalized with potential.Soon I learned that this space existed only behind the space between my eyes. 

The idealism found ways to inspire, ways to leave me disillusioned and wanting more. But it wasn’t until a dream one night inspired the first part of this piece that I learned my idealism was also a source of hope, hope in a vague and vast sense, the kind of hope that inspires.

Idealism might never be entirely achievable and under too much scrutiny it may hold us back, but idealism can translate what we hold in our minds into a spark of hope and hope can open up the world, connecting us through the vastness.

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*Dive deeper into the philosophy of idealism on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.