Languid Default: Inspired by Shrinking Cells and the Brain at Rest: Contemplate This part 2*

Acrylic and gouache on paper

Perspective of Day 242

Dr. Barbara Oakley‘s book A Mind for Numbers expresses the importance of the brain at rest,

“During sleep, your cells shrink, causing a striking increase in the space between your cells. This is equivalent to turning on a faucet–it allows fluid to wash pass and push the toxins out.”

A Mind for Numbers, pp. 44-45

The excerpt above references this 2013 study, take a moment to read the abstract. If metabolic homeostasis excites you as much as it excites me, or if you want to explore the vast and wonderful world of learning, check out Dr. Oakley’s Coursera course “Learning How to Learn“.

*Day 242 is the second in a series, check out the first here. There are more pieces to come, keep your eyes out.