Sibling Visión: Sonja: Part 1

Digital Photograph

Today I explored a digital world. I entered the land of Photoshop with the hope of capturing some of my sister’s light in the photograph I took of her eye.

I recently invested in Adobe Creative Cloud, and when the application opened I felt the same rush that comes with opening a book for the first time.

As my exploration propelled me into editing worlds unknown, I realized that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to capture someone’s light, or essence, or self in an image. But it is not my, nor art’s, job to capture someone but to translate them, through art, to the viewer. And to translate well, it takes time and practice, and it takes understanding.

Today I was reminded that this project is a journey in translating stories, people, thoughts. And today I was reminded that art translates one reality to another. And with time, practice, and skill art may have the power not just to translate, but to make sense of the realities we all experience.