About CognEYEzant

The CognEYEzant Project is a interdisciplinary art project spanning three years. Created by Nadia Daniels-Moehle, CognEYEzant focuses on the power of perceptions and perspectives, and has evolved into an observation of art, art history, culture, philosophy, and people.

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CognEYEzant: 365

Creative representations of the eye every day for a year. CognEYEzant:365 began on June 21st 2018 and concluded on June 20th of the following year. You can explore essays and writing here, and all the art here.

CognEYEzant: 52

Weekly installments, alternating between essays and works of art, explore the concept of  perspectives and perception by correlating topics from the arts, sciences, history, literature, and global culture. All works of art fit into a final configuration which will be on display at Higher Art Gallery in fall of 2020.

What does the word CognEYEzant mean and how do you pronounce it?

The title, CognEYEzant, is adapted from and pronounced the same as the word cognizant. The English Oxford Living Dictionary defines cognizant as, “having knowledge or being aware of”. (Read more here.)

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About NadiaCDM

19-year-old Nadia Daniels-Moehle hails from the Traverse City area in Northern Michigan. A life-long artist, Nadia believes that through art, story, and education the world can transform and she hopes to help that transformation along, in any way she can.

In 2010, together with her family, she founded the non-profit The Books For Walls Project which supports literacy, libraries, and book love. In 2019, together with her younger sister Sonja, she transformed BFWP into an official non-profit Look Wonder Discover with the mission “Cultivating curiosity: researching and creating content supporting literacy, learning, creativity, and contemplation.”

Since she was small, Nadia helped to create and facilitate community art projects, workshops, and classes for art centers, festivals, and non-profits. Nadia currently teaches art at Crooked Tree Arts Center in Traverse City. Nadia also serves as an advisory board member for Grace Community Birth Center in Haiti.

When not reading, she is either writing, drawing, painting, teaching art, studying the humanities and sciences, or thinking philosophical thoughts.

Learn more at www.lookwonderdiscover.org