Higher Art Gallery Exhibition Guide

On display in the gallery’s window, during this interactive and socially distant performance art event, Nadia will complete the installation by painting the Golden Spiral over the course of one week from October 24-31, 2020. The exhibition invites viewers to interact with the project: watch the spiral unwind, while listening to selected essays from the project, and participate in interactive events throughout the week.

Virtual version coming soon!

Take 10 minutes, look at the art and listen to the final essays below:

The Introvert in the Window: Chapter 13: Painting the Golden Spiral. Created by Nadia Daniels-Moehle
The Introvert in the Window Chapter 14: Nothing and the End. Created by Nadia Daniels-Moehle

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The year-long independent study “The Introvert in the Window” consists of works alternating between essays and paintings. Each piece explores human perception by correlating topics from the sciences, humanities, visual arts, and global culture–all drawn from Nadia Daniels-Moehle’s autodidactic education.

The title “The Introvert in the Window” explores how we can be alone and part of everything, how we can create connections, even separated by glass.

The Fibonacci Sequence and golden spiral connect each of the 26 paintings in the 55″x91″ installation. Each number in the Fibonacci Sequence consists of the sum of the two numbers before it in the sequence (0+1=1, 1+1 =2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8…). The Golden Spiral is created by squaring each of the sequence’s numbers. The sequence continues infinitely.