CognEYEzant: 365 Days of Eyes features selected works from Traverse City artist Nadia Daniels-Moehle’s CognEYEzant, a creative project in which the 19-year-old challenged herself to create and complete an artistic representation of an eye every day for a year. This pop-up exhibition recognizes the power of commitment to artistic practice, as well as Daniels-Moehle’s belief that art has the ability to inspire and connect people one creative act, one story, and one eye at a time.

“The pop-up exhibition will run from Saturday, October 19 through Saturday, October 26. A reception will be held on Friday, October 25 from 5:00-7:00pm. At the reception, Nadia’s non-profit, Look Wonder Discover, will display the final installation of their three-part 2019 community art project “A Taxonomy of Perception.”

The following pieces are featured in CognEYEzant: 365 Days of Eyes. Click each number to see the original post. Numbers in bold have an essay or backstory accompanying them.

For any interest and inquiries about purchasing the art, please contact me here.