An Independent Study

Every single day, from June 21, 2018 to June 20, 2019, 19-year-old Nadia Daniels-Moehle created and completed sketches, portraits, studies of art, and elaborate paintings often including essays which wove together her independent study project CognEYEzant.

 Influenced by the creative process, perceptions, and cultural perspectives CognEYEzant features 365 eyes and their stories. While often an incredible challenge, CognEYEzant, a play on the word cognizant which means “being knowledgeable and aware”, gave Daniels-Moehle the curiosity, inspiration, and determination to persist each day, one eye at a time. She asks everyone viewing the project to reflect on the persistence and curiosity we all need to connect with each other and offers the challenge to be cognizant of the world around us and to truly look everyone in the eyes.

View CognEYEzant here.

Exhibition “CognEYEzant: 365 Days of Eyes”

Selected works from CognEYEzant were displayed in the exhibition “CongEYEzant: 265 Days of Eyes” at Crooked Tree Arts Center –Traverse City October 19–26 2019.

The following pieces were featured in “CognEYEzant: 365 Days of Eyes“. Click each number to see the original post. Numbers in bold have an essay or backstory accompanying them.

For any interest and inquiries about purchasing the art, please contact me here.

Photograph of the exhibition at Crooked Tree Arts Center–Traverse City