Dirt’s Grounding and Connecting Power

When you feel overwhelmed

Today the world is in uproar, the future feels more in certain than usual, many of us are isolated and overwhelmed. When I was little, I felt everything, thinking deep thoughts that often overwhelmed me.

Find some dirt

To ground myself, I planted my feet into the forest dirt surrounding my house, feeling connected to the creatures, communicating trees (1), and history packed beneath me. In these last days of winter, days when the sun comes out to chase the snow away, days full of solitude, I listen to my inner child who knows how to stay grounded and connected, who will one day learn that “[t]here are more life forms in a handful of forest soil than there are people on the planet.” (2)

Endnotes and Resources*:

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2. Radiolab. “From Tree to Shining Tree“. WNYC Studios. Accessed March 2020.

*All references and resources have been thoroughly researched prior to use.