Material in Nature: Inspired by the Physical World: “Contemplate This” The Final Part*

Acrylic on paper

“Contemplate This”

This small series was inspired by forces in life that come to us easily, instinctually, forces that both keep us alive and challenge us. The series is called “Contemplate This” because each element from each day needs to be both nurtured and questioned in its own way. Part one is inspired by fear, fear that protects and fear that holds back. Part two is inspired by laziness, laziness that can lead to rejuvenation or inaction. Part three is inspired by the physical world, the physical that causes sensations of pleasure and sorrow, of pain and joy. Each piece is painted on a 1”x1” canvas.

*See part one here and read the inspiration for part two here.

340 days done, 25 days to go.