Observing Curiosity, Translating, Translating

Ink, charcoal, and graphite on paper

(Continued from yesterday’s post.)

CognEYEzant has taken me on a journey, a journey that has made me question and observe. These observations have connected me to my inner child, a child who is innately curious about the world, a child who wants to share her curiosity.

This curiosity has shown me that art is simply observing and translating the world around us and within us onto paper, and from paper to each other.

Thanks to a pair of scissors that led to my conversation with Kristi Wodek that summer evening, thanks to Crooked Tree Arts Center (CTAC), to sharing story, and thanks to curiosity, I get to share the act of making art with you not just here, but also in person.

And that leads me to my announcement:
On February 23, I am offering the drawing workshop “Eye Portraiture” at CTAC’s Traverse City branch. 

The Details:

Whatever your drawing ability, I offer two hours of guided exploration focused on basic drawing principles. Participants will learn how to represent observations, shapes, and stories on paper. Creating art enables us to connect with each other and to express ourselves. Sharing experience and stories is at the heart of this workshop. 

All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged. The workshop is for humans 12 and up, all the way up.

Click here to enroll in the workshop. The workshop costs $25 for CTAC members and $45 for non-members, you can apply for financial aid, up to 95%, here.

To all you marvelous followers:

If you follow CognEYEzant by email and take this workshop, I’ll have a gift, yes a gift, waiting for you at the workshop. I can’t wait to see you there.

In the meantime share this workshop with your friends or family, or, heck, maybe even a stranger.

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