Amytess: The Infinite Within Us: Inspired by infinity and Nayyirah Waheed’s poem*

Watercolor on paper

145 side by side CognEYEzant.NadiaCDM. Nadia Daniels-Moehle. Day One Hundred Forty-Five. Amytess: The Infinite Within Us: Inspired by infinity and Nayyirah Waheed's poem*
side by side of Amytess and “Amytess: The Infinite Within Us: Inspired by infinity and Nayyirah Waheed’s poem*”

This summer I met Amytess. We were both at a political rally: she was working, I was absorbing. In my view, politics aren’t about candidates, but about the people–like Amytess– who work, who dream, who listen, who connect. And these people help us grow toward the future, and toward each other.

Today’s piece was inspired by infinity, the few moments I spent with Amytess, and this poem by her favorite poet Nayyirah Waheed,

*”yes. yes i do. have the right to be this lush and neverending.”

In just a few words, Nayyirah Waheed melds poetry and self. In just a few words, she can tap into a freeing and infinite feeling that touches our lives in many different forms: the impatient moments of childhood, the moments of inception, the moments of ending, the moments of mystery.

And it is in these moments that we can learn and try to understand ourselves and each other. But infinity is vast and unknown. In this Science Friday episode, physicist Clifford Johnson describes infinities roles in what we know of the universe,

“Infinities in the actual universe are placeholders for physics we don’t yet understand.”

Infinity is something I’ve always associated with possibility and potential because infinity seems to be constantly beginning and always going somewhere, just like us. In each moment, we are our own infinities, moving through and to the unknown.